YSLY UnShielded Flexible

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YSLY UnShielded Flexible

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YSLY-JZ Unshielded Flexible Cable Grey

Brand: 2M Kablo
Category: Cables

2MKAB | Control Cables | PVC Control Cables

Areas of Use
These types of cables are used in office equipment, electronic control systems, air condition systems, power stations, engineering projects for control, vision and measurement purposes. These can be used in wet or dry indoor applications but for outdoor use, UV protected PVC must be used where the cable is exposed to sunlight.

Cable Construction
Conductor: Stranded Annealed Copper (IEC/EN 60228, Class 5)
Insulation : PVC (EN 50290-2-21, TSE K 373)
Core Colors: Black (white numbered) Green-Yellow earth core in the outer layer (3 cores and above)
Lay-up: Cores are stranded in layers
Outer Sheath: PVC (EN 50290-2-22, EN 50363-4-1), RAL 7001 - Grey
Reference Standards: TSE K 373

Technical Properties
Operating Voltage: 0.50 mm²..1.50 mm² 300 V / 500 V; 2.50 mm² V / 750 V
Test Voltage: 2500 V
Insulation Resistance:  >200 M.Ωxkm
Temperature Range:  Fixed: -30 °C ........+70 °C, Flexible: -5 °C +70 °C
Flame Retardancy: IEC/EN 60332-1
Min. Bending Radius:  Fixed: 8 x Cable Diameter, Flexible: 15 x Cable Diameter

You can Download the datasheet from the below link


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