LiHCH Shielded

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LiHCH Shielded

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LiHCH Shielded LSZH Control Cable Grey

Brand: 2M Kablo
Category: Cables


2MKAB | Control Cables | Halogen Free Control Cables


Areas of Use

These screened cables areusedas signal transmission cables for indoor applications. These can be easily used with theirflexible construction in narrow applications like electronic control systems of computer or audio systems or communication sector, electronic circuits, measurement devices, machine design, office equipment, etc. Screening protects the cable from the outer electrical effects. These cables have HFFR material in their construction and These don'tburn easily and if these do the flames go off by themselves. These have low smoke density and These don't emit poisonous and corrosive gases during the fire. These used in buildings where there are important goods or human population.

Cable Construction


Stranded Annealed Copper (IEC/EN 60228, Class 5, 0.34 mm²: Class 2)


HFFR (EN 50290-2-26)

Core Colors                          

DIN 47100 (4 cores colors, white, yellow, brown, green)


Cores are stranded in layers


PET Foil


Tinned Copper Wire Braid (50% Coverage)*

Outer Sheath                         

HFFR (EN 50290-2-27), RAL 7001 - Grey

Reference Standards

VDE 0812, TS 13755


Technical Properties

Test Voltage                      

0.14 mm² - 800 V; 0.22 mm² ….1.00 mm²- 1200 V; 1.50 mm²….. 2.50 mm² - 2500 V

Insulation Resistance              

>200 M.Ωxkm

Indutance (approx.)               

0.65 mH/km

Temperature Range            

Fixed: -30 °C ........+70 °C, Flexible: -5 °C      +70 °C

Flame Retardancy         

IEC/EN 60332-1

Smoke Density                 

IEC/EN 61034-2

Amount of Halogen Acid Gas    

IEC/EN 60754-1

Corrosive Gases Measurement

IEC/EN 60754-2

Min. Bending Radius        

Fixed: 8 x Cable Diameter, Flexible: 15 x Cable Diameter




You can Download the datasheet from the below link


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