Series 3100: Push-in Fast Connectors

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Series 3100: Push-in Fast Connectors

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Series 3100: Push-in Fast Connectors


To make, in a faster way, the wiring in lighting fixtures and other electrical equipment with single and rigid stranded copper wires. They allow fast connection and disconnection in the appliance side as well as the installation one.
Raw materials:
- Insulating body: polyamide 6.6, beige color. V2 (according to UL 94).
- Strap: strapping steel.
- Insert: steel and copper.

Technical information:
- Availability from 2 to 5 poles.
- Three diferents types of aerthing.
- Standard 4 poles model has the earth in the second pole.
- Marking on request.
- Models with or without fixing pins.
- Halogen free products.

- Comply with clauses 4.7 and 11.2 of UNE EN 60598/1.

You can Download the datasheet from the below link


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