UMS Wiring Accessories

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UMS Wiring Accessories

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UMS Switches, Sockets and other Wiring Accessories

Brand: U M S

United MS Electrical Mfg (M) Sdn Bhd
UMS has, over the years, earned a reputation for the high standard of its quality products. Today, its range of electrical products are manufactured to meet an increasing demand from both the industrial and residential sectors. The extensive range includes flush switches, dimmers and connection units, socket and communication outlets, modular switches, mini and trailing sockets, adaptors, plugs and plug keys, switch fuses, moulded and metal boxes, surface metalclad switches and surface socket outlets, as well as DOL magnetic starters and contactors, and thermal overload relays. The consistent quality of these products speak for itself.They are not just well accepted in Malaysia but are exported to over 20 countries worldwide. At UMS, we will continue to focus our strength in electrical devices by channeling more resources for R&D to create even more superior products in terms of quality, better features and stay ahead.

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