Series 1100: Terminal Strips OEMs

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Series 1100: Terminal Strips OEMs

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Series 1100: Terminal Strips OEMs


To make electrical connections, with copper conductors, in electrical installations and as lighting equipment components.
This series has been designed considering the user's requirements.

Raw materials:
- Insulating body:
 - Standard type: natural-coloured polyamide 6. V2 (according to UL94)
 - FV model: grey polyamide 6.6 with glass fibre. V0 (according to UL94)
 - V0 type: cream-coloured polyamide 6.6. V0 (according to UL94)
- Standard insert: nickel-plated brass.
- Insert with wire protector: nickel-plated brass.
- Wire-protection plate: stainless steel.
- Screws: zinc-plated steel CQ-15 and metric thread.

Technical information:
- FV type: working temperature 160ºC. Glow wire test 750ºC 2 seconds (according to UNE EN 60335-1:2002).
- Glow-wire test 960ºC according to EN 60695-2-11.
- Tecnical features according to EN 60998 y UL.

You can Download the datasheet from the below link


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