Compact NSX MCCB

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Compact NSX MCCB

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Compact NSX Series MCCB

Brand: Schneider Electric


Compact NSX
Next-generation circuit breakers
The Compact™ range of circuit breakers set tomorrow’s standards today
and help exacting organisations achieve more from their LV infrastructure.
An extended breaking capacity, the highest in its class, is available across
the entire Compact NSX range.
A power monitoring unit also enhances their outstanding protective
functions. For the first time, users can monitor both energy and power,
offering new performance in a remarkably compact device.

Combine safety and performance
The Compact NSX range is innovative - it incorporates monitoring and communication functions, from 40 A upward, combined with impeccable protection.

Expert technology
A roto-active contact breaking principle provides better limitation and endurance performance:
> Very high breaking capacity in a very small device.
> Exceptional fault current limitation for extended system life.

Reduced installation costs
Achieve up to 30 % savings:
> Total discrimination is ensured particulary in the case of miniature circuit breakers for considerable savings at the time of installation.
> Smaller devices mean more economical switchboards for a significant impact on overall cost of installation - no need for over-calibration.

New breaking capacities
New performance levels improve application targeting:
> 25 kA - Standard low short-circuit level applications, e.g., in service businesses.
> 36-50 kA - Standard applications (industrial plants, buildings, and hospitals).
> 70-100 kA - High performance at controlled cost.
> 150 kA - Marine ready, with an Ics rating meeting IACS requirements for emergency, essential, and MCC loads.
> 200 kA at up to 440 V - Industry-leading breaking capacity for high-density applications in oil and gas extraction and processing, mining operations, metals and minerals production, and data centres.
> 100 kA from 500 to 690 V - The world’s highest rated breaking capacity for the most demanding electrical environments, and ideal for high-efficiency, cost-effective 690 V systems.

Enhanced protection for motors
The Compact NSX range meets the requirements of IEC 60947-4-1 standards for protection of motors:
> Well adapted to motor-starting solutions up to 315 kW at 400 V, providing protection against short circuits, overloads, phase unbalance, and phase loss.
> Set up additional protection systems for starting and braking with the motor running, reverse braking, jogging, or reversing in complete safety.
> Used in conjunction with a Schneider Electric contactor, the Compact NSX provides Type II coordination for motor applications.
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