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Industrial Controls

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Industrial Controls Range

Brand: Schneider Electric

SchneiderElectric Control Range


Contactor& Control Relays

Three and four pole contactors for up to 12A AC3 motor dutyand 20A AC1 duty, with reversing and changeover versions available. 2,4 & 5pole control relays for switching contactor or relay coils and powering controland signalling equipment
Motorprotection and control circuit breakers
GV2 Magnetic and thermal-magnetic motor circuit-breakers upto 15 kW.GV3 Thermal-magnetic and magnetic circuit-breakers up to 30 kW.GV7Thermal-magnetic motor circuit-breakers up to 110 kW.
Motorprotection components - overloads

Thermal overload relay with manual or automatic reset from0,11 to 16 A and 0,06 to 5,5 Kw
Enclosed motorstarters

A range of enclosed DOL and soft start starters that issimple to both use and install. These compact, ergonomically designed starterscan be wall-mounted or located remotely on a machine.
Installation system for motor control components

Installation system for TeSys motor power-starters withspring terminals, incorporating Quickfit technology.


Pilot devices

Harmony 4 is the world leading range of 22mm metal PilotDevices and Control Stations, providing IP66 ingress protection
Cam switches up to 150A in standard configurations forammeter/voltmeter switching and multi pole on/off or changeover functions. Alsoavailable in bespoke configurations, for specialised applications
Control stations
A wide variety of pre-assembled ready to install controlstations are available for industrial and commercial applications in both all-insulated plastic and metal.
Control Relays

2,4 & 5 pole control relays for switching contactor orrelay coils and powering control and signalling equipment. There are alsomodular relays for heating or lighting applications
Timers,counters, and control relays
Timing relays, to create simple hard-wired logic automatedsystem cycles or to complement industrial programmable controllers
Programmable relays
Zelio Logic smart relays provide an answer wheretraditional relay based control is inadequate and Programmable Controllers aretoo complex and costly
Plugin Relays & interposing relays
Due to its compact size, Zelio can be used to multiply thefunctions in electrical enclosures. Simplicity, no adjustment required forstandard applications. Ease of integration in an existing device.
Safety Relays
Monitor both the component and wiring integrity of a safetysystem, for a wide range of safety functions

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