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Li-HCH Control Cable
Halogen Free Shielded Control Cable

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LiHCH: Halogen Free Screened Control Cable

IEC 60332-1-2 (EN 60332-1-2)/VDE 0482-332-1-2
EN 60332-3-24 / VDE 0482-332-3-24
VDE 0295 / IEC 60228 CL.5 conduttore
CEI EN 50525-2-51 [ref. to VDE 0281 p.13] res. Olio
CEI EN 50525-2-11 [ref. to VDE 0281 p.14] Halogen free.

CEI EN 50525-2-11 [ref. to VDE 0281 p.5] cond. e guaina dimensionali
VDE 0293-334 neri num
IEC 60754-2 corrosivita
IEC 60754-1 halogen free
IEC 61034-1+2 smoke density
EN 60811-2-1 / VDE 0473-811-404 res. Olio

Nominal voltage: 300/500 V
Test voltage: 4000 V
Max Transfer Impedence:  250 Ohm/KM
Temperature Range: -5 to +80 Deg.C

Conductor:    Flexible Bare Copper Conductor Class 5, CEI 20-29
Core Insulation: Core Insulation of Halogen Free Compound
Core Code:  Colour Coding as per DIN47100
Screen:  Tinned Copper Braid Screen
Outer Sheath: Halogen Free Outer Jacket, Colour Grey RAL 7001

Common features
Halogen-free, low smoke and low toxicity, SCREENED multi-conductor oil resistant cables, suitable for connection to fixed or mobile devices, for signaling and control system. Suitable for indoor environment (dry or wet) , and for outdoor environment (only for a temporary and protected use). The selected raw materials and small outer dimensions, guarantee a good flexibility, and reduced weight, as well as a safe, economic and fast installation. Suitable for installation where safety and the integrity of the devices are concerned

Minimum installation and use temperature: 0°C
Minimum bending radius: 15 x external diam. (mobile installation)
10 x external diam. (fixed installation)
Max. Pulling force: 50 N/mm2 (during installation )
15 N/mm2 (static stress)

Packing: 100m ring inside Heat Shrink Packaging 500m, 1000m drum.

Core colours: Colour Coding as per DIN47100

Sheath colour:  Grey RAL7001

Ink marking: GENERAL CAVI Li-HCH 300/500V [n° cond] x [sec.] batch number Batch Data
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LiHCH Cable

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